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The Oregon Trail

Okay, everybody:  Stand up and take a slow, deep breath. Hold it for three seconds…now exhale slowly while extending your arms outward. Now wave them around like a crazy person for a bit, and whoop if you like. Why? Because we’re done with the zebra mussels and starting a new adventure.

But just a two week vacation? If Mark is driving down to Florida and back to get Dad, that’s one to two days right there. It will take three to four days to drive to Oregon, meaning it’s also an additional three to four days days back. And there goes the first week and some of the second. They could do it faster if they drove non-stop, in shifts. But if they want any hope of enjoying the trip, they should fly (business class).

We should expect Doc and Rusty to join in. That’s a lot of airline tickets! But wait…will he have to get permission from the County to leave the state before his trial comes up?


6 thoughts on “The Oregon Trail

  1. I take my hat off to you George. I live in Minnesota. Not sure where you hail from. Each and every morning you give comments on Mark Trail! At a very early hour! Again, I must say, Jules rendition of this comic is unreadable for me. She has geared it for pre-teens to teenagers. Artwork is something a 8 year old would accomplish in his or her spare time. To me, it is amazing this has lasted as long as it has. I know I have said it before on your blog, but this is comic has become a travesty of what the original cartoonist created. Ed Dodd would roll over in his grave looking at this each day. However, thank you for your efforts. I simply cannot imagine the difficulty in commenting on this comic each and every morning. You have great dedication! We are going to Florida on vacation. I’m interested to see if they publish this trash down there as well. Not your blog…the comic in the local paper!

    • I’m sincerely honored that you find it in you to read my meanderings about a comic strip you now dislike. Although I was born on the East Coast, I’ve been a Minnesotan for many decades, now. Dennis is, as well. Hope you have a good time in Florida! Be sure to say “Hi!” to Cherry’s family or Mark’s dad if you run into them. Maybe they can explain what happened.

  2. We all hail from Minnesota! I will make a purpose to get the local paper. See in the Mark Trail strip is around Naples. As Bob Wier said…..keep on trucking.

    • Well, I remember that particular phrase from R. Crumb’s ZAP comix, and I sure wish I still had that issue. I had a friend who created “The World Truckin’ Association” in honor of that phrase.

    • Is he, now? Not surprised. I’ve always loved his drawing style, so much a loving reboot of the ’30s styles of “cartoony” comics and animated cartoons. But his attitudes and beliefs are something else, not easily digestible. I do know that, in spite of his work and earlier San Francisco associations, he detested the “hippy” movement. I think it is easy to see in the comics of that time.

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