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Somebody Check Rusty’s Chocolate Milk

It’s one thing to have fun (such as it is) telling spooky stories. It’s another to start believing them.

So this looks like events are leading to a new spin of the “Dr. Camel Search for the Yeti Adventure” that I referenced a few days ago. Exactly how Rusty intends to carry out this goal will be interesting to see.  At least, Rusty only has one coastline to search. Shouldn’t take too long, right?

I suppose this might be the kind of thing that an over-imaginative kid might wish to undertake. Is this what the week has been about:  setting us readers up for a “Rusty’s Seaside Specter Guy Adventure”? And I bet Mark never clued Rusty in on how things worked out for the late Dr. Camel.


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