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Finally, some excitement at the cookout!

And exactly how did Happy get RepRap’s contact info? Anything public would surely be a drop box at an agency or just a virtual trashcan. I suppose Happy knows people. Anyway, I’m wondering if Rivera has the moxie to show Reptilionnaire actually performing. This could make up for not showing the video he and Mark made.

In Panel 2 Mark assumes Reptilionnaire would not have shown up just out of friendship. Is Mark being cynical or just revealing his opinion about their friendship? All I can say about panel 3 is that it is a good capture of what an old fart might actually think is a funny rap on rap.

Oh, has anybody noticed that Happy Trail wears the old double-pocket pink work shirt that Allen’s Mark Trail wore? Well, that’s pretty much what he wore in his first appearance, too, although it was more of a dark mauve. Well, too bad you cannot see that in the b/w newspapers. This leads to me ponder “if I was the clothing supplier to comic strip characters, I’d go out of business really quickly, as they usually wear the same clothes. Comic Strip Land must be really stinky.”


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