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Is he trying to make a monkey outta me!?

Once I was just your son, Dad. But now, I’m the Father….” so Mark now instructs his old man. Well, Portland finally comes into the conversation stream. Should we overlook the technical foobah in panel 2 and just go with the Big Picture? It pays to be accurate when talking about science. And Rivera was more on the ball in her Sunday panels of January 2nd. On the other hand, there is only so much text you can cram into a single comic strip panel. But I think she could have edited the speech balloon more carefully.

Is it too much to fear that Happy’s business partner will be Rob “Cricket Bro” Bettancourt, who must have taught Happy to use the pejorative “Marky” Trail nickname? Last we saw, Rob was in Palm Springs, trying to launch his NFT enterprise. He could have another home up in Oregon. However, for variety’s sake, I hope we get a new Trail Villain, somebody with black hair, beard, heavy eyebrows, and… oops!

By the way, I just noticed that the new spokes-monkey for Happy Trail is possibly the same monkey that Rivera used as an example of an NFT in her January 2nd Sunday panels. Well, the same red shirt, at least. Go look it up. I’ll be around!


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