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Endless Loop. See Loop, Endless.

I know there is a problem with a story when I can predict what will happen; not that this was a high bar in the first place. But really now, I keep hoping we’ll move on to new adventures with new people. Instead, we keep getting “guest re-appearances”, like being stuck in a locked room watching the same two episodes of Jeopardy and Bonanza in an endless loop.  Even Rod Serling would not conceive such a hell.

Well, actually, he did, George.

Huh? What do you mean!?  

He wrote an episode (‘The Hitch-hiker’) about a driver who keeps seeing the same man on the highway in front of her, trying to hitch a ride.

Ah, I remember that episode! I was a kid when I first saw it. It was scary! Speaking of which, who the heck are you?

Okay, then. Moving on… So now the trip to Oregon is no longer just a vacation, but a rescue mission to recover Happy’s stolen investment. This is starting to sound familiar. I can’t wait to see how Cherry reacts to this turn of events.

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