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“I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.”

Now hooooold on there, Baba Looey! First of all, that is a very nicely drawn Concourse E in panel 1, but it is also jarring next to panels 2 and 3. Is that Rusty walking with Mark and Cherry in the terminal? Where the hell was he during the flight:  Strolling the aisle hoping to find Mara?  In spite of what Mark said at the start of this story, looks like Pappy Happy ain’t coming along after all.

So, moving on:  It’s one thing to make the designated Bad Guy (Sterling) look like a goofball. In fact, it’s expected! But not Mark! He’s the designated Good Guy. Making both the Good Guy and the Bad Guy look like idiots creates visual confusion and destroys the whole point of visual symbols.

As for panel 3, how is it that Jadsen happens to be there in the first place? Who made that arrangement? It doesn’t look like much of a vacation. Frankly, I’m really disappointed with the B-movie dialog I’m seeing here. My unsolicited advice: Make Rivera focus on the art and hire a writer. This would give her the time needed to regain and maintain a consistent quality in her art.


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