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“Make it weird!” The underlying aim of this comic strip?

You know, it’s so easy to fall into just plain snarking. I have to control myself! Nevertheless, I wonder:

  1. Why are the Trails riding with Jadsen in the first place? That certainly was not in the original plans! Yet, they didn’t seem to put up a fight at the airport.
  2. Why are they staying at Jadsen’s “Oregon mansion”? Wouldn’t they have already made plans that involved reserving a hotel or house? And maybe a car rental?
  3. Why is the traffic in panel 1 on the left side of the highway? It doesn’t look like the comic syndicate accidentally reversed the panel. Didn’t anybody bother to look? Is it supposed to be symbolic?
  4. I get that Rivera designed Jadsen as a ludicrous parody figure, like his brother. So, are Jadsen’s “rose colored” glasses a pun of his mindset? Or does Rivera just like that color?
  5. Make it weird”? So, why not bring up the logging mill with Jadsen!? What does Mark owe this Jadsen jerk, anyway? Who cares if he gets uncomfortable?
  6. What the hell is that expression “Van life!”? Are we supposed to believe Jadsen lives in his van or does extensive traveling around the country in it? Or is he just being a fool who thinks driving a van constitutes a life style?


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