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Is Mark playing the Long Game?

So, Mark disappointingly flaunts the impotence of his famed Fists O’ Justice and demurs over upsetting the feelings of The Scam Brothers. One has to ask:  Why!? What is going on here?

Why should Mark keep quiet about a kink in the eco-armor of Jadsen Enterprises? Seems to me that, with all of the passivity and weakness that Mark has been showing so far, he would want to try to balance the scales a bit in his favor. No?

But for the sake of fairness, let’s consider:  Is Mark’s behavior a deliberate strategy to only seem complacent and appear weak in order to throw off the brothers, until Mark suddenly turns the tables at the right moment? Well, we have not seen this strategy in his other stories (not even in the old Mark Trail). On the other hand, Mark might just rely on his usual emotional improvisation and extra-legal behavior to save the day.

Hey, one good thing that could come out of this:  Let’s hope that Rivera alternates Mark and Cherry’s storyline with Rusty’s adventure, just as she does when Mark and Cherry have their own individual messes. At least, Rusty’s story has the potential for real fun and mystery.

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