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There’s no fool like a Trail fool!

Last time I checked the Oxford English Dictionary, the sound of a hand hitting the face is spelled “S-m-a-c-k”, Smack. “Smak”, on the other hand, is what somebody says when spewing BS to somebody or about somebody; as in “talking smak.”

If you’ve been keeping up, you’re doing better than I am in my Italian class. We’re still in the van, listening to the Jerk Bros and wondering why Mark agreed to this ride. Does Rivera hate Mark Trail? Or what he stands for? I think that is what a lot of Trailheads probably think, since Mark is almost always made to look and act like a hothead and a sucker. At least, that is the vibe I’m getting.

That’s right, Mark. Good ol’ Dad felt so bad not hearing from you that, after screwing over his friend and neighbor, Jolly, Happy just had to travel all the way to Oregon and drown his sorrows on the beach, only to run into Rob and Jadsen. One big ‘happy’ family, eh? Seems like ‘Sucker!’ is a family trait. But I sure understand their dad cutting them off.”

This would be a pretty good time for Mark to exercise his so-called “Fists Of Justice” on Rob and demand some answers. I doubt that will happen. Frankly, his FOJ outings have been weak.


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