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Another Family Reunion…?

I wonder if that gray squirrel is looking out at us thinking “Yeah, I like nuts, but these nut-jobs are sending me to the hospital. Blech!” So, how did Pappy get out here before Mark, and early enough to be waiting at Sterling’s house? Why not just fly out with Mark and family?

Next, how is it this new “family” relationship was not brought up when Mark and Rob met up in California? Nor brought up by Pappy back in Florida?

Next, was this meeting with Happy supposed to be a surprise for Mark? What’s the big deal?

And what’s with Happy, anyway? One moment, he’s upset that Cricket Bro and Crypto Bro took advantage by engaging him in activities harmful to the environment. Now, he’s happily embracing them like they really are his sons. Well, if this is all part of the Big Act by Mark and Happy to fool and destroy the two Surf Bros, they’re doing a great job, so far. Otherwise, I’m with Squirrel Bro.


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