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Meanwhile, back at the Lincoln Log Ranch…

Even if we ignore the coloring, it’s hard to see how that pile of stuff Mark was holding in Saturday’s strip turned into this white puppy today. Well, Rivera is consistent in her changeups. That is, she doesn’t mind altering things to suit the occasion or whim. The very style of the strip has changed since Rivera began back in October 2020. Even the Trail House has varied over time.

On the left is the cabin from October 2020.

On the right is the cabin from August 2021.

Then we have the cabin, today.

Also, notice how the “dramatic” cliffhanger at Doc’s office on Saturday has suddenly shifted back to the Trail cabin, where it is obviously later, since Cherry sits with Rusty and Sassy. Cherry is wearing the same clothes, so it’s possible this is later in the day. What happened in between Saturday’s strip and today? Rivera is pushing the story along. Is that a good thing? Perhaps Rivera is playing with varying the story pacing and we’ll get a shorter, faster-paced adventure this time. Sometimes you like a two-plus hour blockbuster movie and sometimes you are fine with a one-hour TV episode.


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