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Why does Mark talk to himself like he is lecturing?

As Rex, Tess, and an animal handler conveniently stand in the distance and just stare, Mark gets to film the tiger cubs, who seem to be having a good enough time on their own. I’m not sure where Mark acquired all of this information about tiger cubs and zoos, but we can assume it happened in between the published strips, during times when . . . you know, comic strip characters take care of personal business best not published.

I’m fantasizing public bathrooms for comic strip characters, with waiting lines and cross-strip conversations. That could make an interesting strip all by itself. Anyway…

While on the throne, some comic strip characters would leaf through Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, while Mark must have skimmed information on roadside zoos from websites. Maybe Rivera was inspired by the Netflix series, Tiger King.  I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that Tess will not later hire a hitman to take out Mark or Rex. Diana, on the other hand, better watch out!


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