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Is there a plan here, guys?

Lemme see if I understand this logic:  There is not enough battery life to record Rex holding a cub for a few minutes, yet there is enough battery life to film the rest of the Touch Center? Hmmm, pretty weak excuse, Mark. Is Tess really as naive as you think she is? At the least, I’d expect Tess to suggest “Mark, you’re a pro, right? Just put in your spare battery!Uh, spare battery?”  Uh-oh.

Anyway, Mark is clearly a victim of his own self-righteousness by not filming Rex holding a cub. He seems to assume that he really is filming an episode of Rex’s show, rather than filming evidence of possible animal abuse. I would have thought he’d be filming every damn thing he could. But if he continues to avoid filming the very things that are wrong, he might as well go to work at the Hallmark Network. I’m not sure where Rivera is going with this.


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