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Too much talking, not enough watching

Ian isn’t the only person confused. Mark creates a false comparison based on a faulty premise: “If the narwhal turned out to be real”. It is the unicorn that is the mythological creature that Mark (Rivera) should have said, of course. The narwhal(e)’s existence was not questioned in the past. Mark’s giving the wrong idea to these kids.

But what I had hoped would not happen, did. I suppose that every Mark Trail artist has to have a krack (or krash) at the “Mark Destroys a Boat” meme. And it would have to take place in some alligator-infested waters (unless that is a set of custom luggage floating in the river). Well, it would be a real bummer if it turned out that Mark ran over the last surviving bassigator!

Jokes aside, “krashing” a boat in dangerous waters is a bad deal. Did Mark run over an alligator? That could land him in real trouble with federal authorities! I wonder if this is this going to be a turning point in the story where we see some actual danger and suspense, rather than the usual outlandish situations.

A question to readers: Do you think my posts are too long, too short, or about right?


4 thoughts on “Too much talking, not enough watching

  1. I enjoy your posts of any length. I especially like the ones that discuss the more technical aspects of the art and strip. If those are longer, so be it. Snarky shots from the peanut gallery are shorter, but not as interesting/informative.

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