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The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

Yeah, this is yet another weekly summary of the past seven dailies. But is this really a true summary, or have I fabricated alternate facts to create a phony deterministic weltanschauung in order to support my own philosophical and aesthetic biases and gain international Blog Fame? Frankly, I have no idea, so I hope you can figure it out.

Anyway, did you miss any days this past week? It was a rough and tumble time on the boat, as heated exchanges between Rusty and Robbie were replaced by heated reactions of several alligators. How did that happen? It seems that this nighttime boat ride was going well until eagle-eyed Mark bumped into a gator. Didn’t he know where he was going? Didn’t he know about the alligators?

Mark tried to gloss over this mishap with the kids, but the waters suddenly started getting rough. A growing swarm of gators who were none too happy with Mark’s piloting skills were making themselves known. Whether he was boating into rapids or churning waters somehow created by the gators, Mark was unable to keep a steady course or even pilot the boat away from the trouble. For someone claiming to know how to operate a power boat, that’s disappointing. Anyway, the boat ran aground onto a beach as if it was D-Day. Unfortunately, they grounded alongside a giant collection of upset gators! Good thing gators can’t jump.

Artistically, this has been a fairly good week, with more consistency and a return to more dramatic, creative scenes. It won’t convert old school holdouts, of course, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Now Mark talked about alligators last Sunday. Let’s see what’s got him interested today.

Is this a real problem today? I know that back in the colonial days of our country people kept squirrels as pets, especially youngsters. There are lots of paintings of the time showing this to be true. The painting of a boy with his flying squirrel by John Singleton Copley is one famous example.

The attack squirrel story mentioned here comes from a 2019 incident where an Alabama meth seller hoped to turn the squirrel into some kind of home defense attack dog. But this is a singular incident, not a trend. The bigger picture, though, is wild animals are wild and should be left that way. Too many knuckleheads want to give their lunch to deer, raccoons, and pigeons, thinking they are being nice or humane. This just makes the animals more and more dependent on human intervention, which is bad.


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