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Let’s get it on!

Two squirrels get frisky in the foreground, but the threesome misses the action and the implied hint. They have their own priorities. Practical Cherry’s chatter also serves a purpose: To activate the premise for the rescue of Mark and the kids, even though she doesn’t realize it as yet. Golly, how could I forget the tracker she placed in Rusty’s backpack (see the blog for January 2nd)? No doubt, you did not! So how will they accomplish the upcoming rescue? And by the way, does Mark know about all of these wild men Cherry waited for?

I’ve noticed over time that Cherry’s face goes through several shapes. Not sure why. She looks a bit older in panel 3 than in panel 2, reminding me of somebody that might have come out of an old Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy comic strip. Sorry, my mind wanders.

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