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Does Jeanette remind you of Leela in Futurama?

Why does Cherry insist on holding her phone up all the time? Does she want to bore everybody with photos of the family vacation in Oregon? Show a report of subscriber numbers for the comic strip? Reveal secret photos of the illicit affair between Honest Ernest and Violet?

It also seems a bit late in the game for Duke to recall the dreaded horseshoe-shaped cove, when he could have warned Mark about it before he left. And why didn’t Mark already know about it? He lives here, too! Still, the story is moving along. More or less. This should signal a change of scenery, back to the grounded boat. However, that would mean making the dramatic change on a Friday, rather than Saturday. Therefore, I think we can expect at least one more scene at the campfire as Cherry’s anxiety levels rise and her phone’s battery dies. Or something like that.


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