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We’ll be right back, but first a word from our sponsor…

The dialog reminds me of what you might hear in a commercial, as if Cherry is hawking some kind of product that Jeanette should buy in order to get cleaner hair, cleaner skin, or a cleaner carpet.

Anyway, that must be some tracker if it can identify the subject (Rusty) by name. Of course, if Cherry zoomed out a bit, she would likely get a better idea of where the boat is. But zooming isn’t always foolproof. If it’s like the typical online map you use when driving, manually zooming out is a great way to put your map in the wrong location. While driving home from Virginia recently, an errant movement of my finger changed the route and sent me heading to Chicago, rather than Wisconsin. I lost an hour just getting back on track while touring the backroads of southern Illinois.

Anyway, how will Cherry know Mark and the kids are in trouble, especially if nobody knows there is a tracker in Rusty’s backpack? Do trackers have alert buttons on them? I have no idea. You would think Cherry might do something more obvious, like call Mark.


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