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The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

Did you happen to miss the strips for this week? Well, pick one day and you’ve got the gist. That is to say (and I’m saying it, er, writing it), this week featured Mark huffing and puffing and pushing that beached powerboat off the sandy shore and back into the water so the kids could safely get away from the gators. Oh, the alligators! We can’t forget them, can we?

Well, we could, based on how little they actually did, other than merely project a sense of danger. They certainly did little to attack Mark while he dug his feet into the sand pushing that big boat!  Maybe Mark had some conversations with them in the past, so they were not going to really do anything. In any event, we ended the week with the boat relaunched. All that remains now is for Mark to jump on before it gets too far away.

As for Cherry, you might recall that the week before, she figured something was wrong when Rusty’s tracking device didn’t move away from the alligator cove. She, Jeanette, and Duke piled into his truck and went off to rescue the boating party. But they didn’t show up. Perhaps they got distracted by last week’s Sunday nature strip. Will that happen again, today?

Interesting. Oftentimes, Rivera tailors the Sunday content to the location of Mark in the current story. But Lost Woods is like NeverNever Land. It’s never quite defined, so Rivera has the liberty to go whichever way she wants, as she has been doing.

Well, the scientific consensus seems to be that the probability of snowflake duplication is very, very, very small, based on varying water content, individual crystal development, atmosphere, and the location of the snowfall. And those pesky flakes keep changing their shape as they fall. Nobody can check all snowflakes, of course. So, it’s as much an issue of mathematical probability as it is physics.


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