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Loose Ends

Still married, is he? Well, I didn’t think Cherry had anything to apologize for, in spite of her insincere response in panel 2. But where is this situation heading? Is it just some kind of slice-of-life vignette thrown in before the real plot begins? Or will Violet Cheshire show up tomorrow and join in this verbal abuse party?

By the way, it always seems to be summer in Lost Forest, or at least, good weather. That’s not uncommon for comic strips, of course. But over the past two years, has there even been any Winter? One might think Lost Forest is in southern California. And maybe that would be a valid thought, though right now, southern California makes Minnesota look downright balmy.

2 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. As always George, I enjoy your comments. With exception to the Sunday strip, it is obvious Rivera is just mailing this in. As I’ve said before, the artwork is abysmal. Her story line is like watching paint dry on a humid day. Dilbert was a well done humorous strip, but alas he dug his own grave. This cartoonist simply does not take the time (or have the capability) to illustrate well. Period. I believe (and hope) her rendition of Mark Trail will also be put to rest. I simply cannot imagine her daily dribble will capture real readership. Well, I’ve said my quarterly disgust with the current strip. Got that off my chest! 🙂 My hat is off to you trying to comment each day! It simply has to be a herculean effort. I will of course continue to follow. I’ll make a bold prediction to Trail Heads. In one year, strip will be cancelled or we get a new author.

    • Thanks, Mark. I feel a need to carry on, both for fans and non-fans of the strip. Is it for ego? A challenge to myself? Provide a place for voice their opinions? Maybe influence Rivera if she bothers to read this? Or just to kill time? I dunno. Could be all of the above.

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