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A rose is a rose is a concrete driveway

Well, on one hand, Cherry-the-optimist is keeping her cool; but on the other hand, she’s leaning far into environmental hyperbole (panel 2). At least we learn a bit more about the aftermath of Ernest’s liaison with Violet, such as Caroline leaving her not-so-Honest Ernest. Still, this soap opera reality show will likely have used its entire first week of the story to establish a few simple facts: 1) Ernest wants revenge on Cherry and places financial stability over environmental safety. 2) Cherry sees his intentions more as a threat against Nature than her. 3) Violet appears to be siding with Ernest. No surprise, there.

On a technical note, there are some curious out-of-place outlines today. In panel 1, a white highlight of sorts separates Ernest’s head from the rose bushes. I see no reason for this, since Cherry’s image has no such corresponding whitespace. It could be a printing error, as it looks sloppy. However, the owl in panel 2 is odd for a few reasons, one being the unnecessary green highlight on the right side and head of the owl. Second, is the style of the drawing, appearing in a style different from the rest of the strip. Well, I could also be influenced by the oddly-shaped and colored bush behind the owl.


4 thoughts on “A rose is a rose is a concrete driveway

    • How interesting. Who knew exploding eyeballs is a meme!? I also shouldn’t be surprised to find a Gil Thorp blog. Unfortunately, that strip never appeared in any newspaper where I lived.

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