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Beware the Ides of March?

Okay, we finally find out who the gal with Prof. Bee Sharp is. I suspect that, in Rivera’s eyes, she is meant to satirize one of the thousands of gals on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok (BikBok!) who are self-declared experts on being hip, pretty, fashionable, or just au courant on whatever they want to talk about. In short, a bimbo. And that accounts for the grade-school behavior of those two losers.

What I don’t get is Trail’s sudden need to accompany these bozos, as if he’s their den mother. Why should he care one way or the other? This is not logical, Ms. Rivera! How will this help solve the attacking bears mystery, unless Trail thinks that bears prefer their meals to be on the narcissistic side? He should be happy they are leaving the area, since he was clearly bothered that they were here in the first place.

On the other  hand, I appreciate attention to detail when I find it, such as Rivera differentiating the backpacks the hikers are using. She could have given everybody the same “generalized” backpack.


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