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A concern is noted, but . . . .

I think if I wanted to see “Mary Worth”, I’d read “Mary Worth”. I mean, the general concept for this story is fine:  Cherry is a landscaper fighting against a decision that could adversely affect the local environment. Got it. Maybe I’m being too “male oriented” here. After all, situations like Violet’s certainly must come up. I just hope that we don’t wander too far into the relationship weeds. Cherry Worth? Well, let’s see what Rivera does with the situation. Any bets on whether Cherry brings up Ernest’s wife, Carolyn?

Not sure why Rivera brands this relationship a scandal now (panel 4), as if it wasn’t already a scandal when the relationship was first revealed in Cherry’s prior story (“Rash Decisions”).  But do we need the kind of “reality show” editorializing we see in the narration box of panel 4? If the characters want to declare a scandal, that’s just fine. But I don’t think we need Rivera opining from her caption soapbox, like those annoying in-show mini-interviews they stick in reality shows and “Modern Family.


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