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Maybe one day, AI will create the comic strips

The Tech Bros sure missed the boat for a money grab with their phony NFT scam a while back. Now, it seems they (and the others) are being groomed to support Sid Stump’s AI scam. I can appreciate the ironic justice. So AI is the new geek toy in town; not that it is actually new, of course. Even I wrote basic AI programs over 30 years ago. But the technology is a lot more advanced; advanced enough to start fleecing suckers and suckering innocent people. Misinformation is going to be the coin of the realm once the election season really gets moving. And I reckon the cash will come in from those who benefit from the chaos and fraudulent voting claims.

In any event, once again (i.e. Cricket Bro in Palm Springs and Cricket Bro in Portland) Mark is in a situation involving computer tech, which has little to do with nature or his regular skill set. It’s like an old LP with a scratch that forces the stylus to catch and keep repeating the same bit of music. Of course, the bear is just a plot diversion, mere window dressing.

This is at least the third story where digital hanky-panky is taking place, and Mark is no computer nerd. Is he just going to hammer Sid Stump into the ground and call it good? I’ll note that Jules Rivera has so far ignored my sage advice about giving Mark a tech-weenie sidekick to at least give stories like this one a semblance of practicality. Since Rivera likes to retread characters, I think Diana Daggers appears to have some qualifications.

It seems Mark’s role here is going to be similar to the one in the Cricket Bro/Palm Springs adventure, where he assisted Aparna (?) to steal back her original app code while he kept staff busy with his mediocre boxing skills. I’d love to be wrong.


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