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You think this is something? Wait for the big Saturday Close!

Well, I have to give Rivera some credit for at least depicting Mark with signs of recent violence and damage. As I recall, the former version of Mark Trail usually got by with just a bit of mussed hair in most of his physical encounters (there were a few exceptions). Too bad Mark didn’t get his trampy beard scraped off in all of that excitement.

Okay, we’ve heard about several of the participants in Mark’s latest folly, but nothing much of Sid Stump, Holly Folly, or the Psycho Bros, perhaps the two who really should be locked up.

In closing, a request to Jules Rivera: No more third-rate puns, please! Can you at least paws them for a while?

4 thoughts on “You think this is something? Wait for the big Saturday Close!

  1. There’s a woman at the Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon Facebook group who exploded at the end of the James Allen run, around the time he got separated from his supplies & drew the bizarre orphans in the woods. She shared her collection of hundreds of Mark & Rusty pictures that were all the same original. Based on that, and all the animal pictures that were tracings of easily findable* pictures, it seems like the only thing Allen, and late era Jackelrod, could draw were trucks.
    A banged up version of Mark was just too much of a reach.
    *The Hummingbird Moth was the first image in Google, & my daughter recognized it from an ecology textbook.

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