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There’s that head again…

I really need to cut Elrod and Co. some slack… but why would I start now?  “Insert Big Mike Head Shot, front right ¾ view…”  Recall how they have used this, and his mirror image before:

big mike fwd rev

Sort of like a Slylock Fox game “tell me what’s different with these pictures…”



But enough of that, back to the story.


“Buddy?”  “Friend?”  Methinks they overstate the facts here…

“Stiff as a board?”  “Dying to see you?”  Oh my these are lines that the Joker or Penguin might have used in the original batman series!

There’s not an ounce of remorse here, ladies and gentlemen…  these are cold hearted killers!  How many other Nosey Parkers have they snuffed in the past just to keep their Trophy Poaching Empire intact?  The mind Boggles…

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