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A Mark Trail Triple Play…

And we are back! Our favorite neglected ward Rusty Trail (Adoption Papers, please…) has once again been abandoned, only to be left with his own thoughts and dreams as companions…


What a lonely twisted place his mind must be!  Is he the Protoceratops?  His drunken abusive biological father the T-Rex??


The “prehistoric struggle for survival” as shown here is a fanciful notion…  I am sure that there were easier quarry than this ceratops and his full armor display!  One would have to be pretty drunk with rage and anger to go after such a prize and risk a goring!


I was waiting for Rusty to insert himself!  Oh such issues the boy has to work through!!  Now, Rusty, did you learn anything from that flat screen TV we saw you plopped in front of earlier in the Otter Epic?  That T-Rex has lousy eye-sight, and that unless you move about, he really won’t “see” you?  At least that’s the prevailing theory… Care to test it out?  You can stand there, stock-still and be snatched up like a little morsel, or run away and be picked off properly…

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