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oh, the rare thought balloon…

A private thought being hatched and shared out of the Trail-head…  And such a concerned look.  Or is it just gas?

A threat?  Huh.  Not so much, Mark.  “Don’t get any crazy ideas… Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?”  Ooh, I am shaking in my boots… Maybe it’s the body posture that Mark is picking up on…  bent forward, sort of aggressive… I don’t know.  The Senator’s “old guy” features are becoming more pronounced here in the great outdoors, though… Head pitched back in panel one as if to say, “Huh?  What??”

And in panel three, Johnny has the stink-eye pointed at his meal ticket…  Jeez, what a control freak.


Nice that all the men are in uniform:  White collared shirt, buttoned up all the way to the top, with requisite L.L. Bean “Original Field Coat” Jacket… a steal at under $200…  it’ll wear like iron!  I know, I still have mine after 20+ years…

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