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And blackmail works how??

Let’s get this straight…  JOHNNY forged a name, not his own, on some “receipts,” and that implicates the forgee how?  Sounds like there was ample opportunity to prune this rotten grape off the vine without having to be dragged into his scheme, Senator.  There’s got to be more to this than that…

“So Anne Marie, just park yourself in that overstuffed chair and start setting your sights on a new beau.  Johnny did not have the mettle to last in this rough and tumble political world… and if you want to be a Senator’s daughter, you best learn from this episode,” the Senator seemed to say…


The bluff worked, Mark.  Meanwhile, off camera, Ranger Dusty has ridden a horse with pack mules in tow… one for the forger and one for the Elk… Venison steaks tonight!!  Anyone hungry?!?

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