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The Ants Go Marching Two-by-Two…

hurrah, hurrah?  Well, this is certainly random…


As is the idea that the birds, nature, if you will, (which we know always finds a way) will be better off in Abbey’s rosin pouch that on its own, dealing with a little “Ant Invasion…”


Friendly and fearless finches?  That’s great alliteration…  Perhaps Abbey is completely read-up on the Bird Lore Audubon Guides…  But Abbey, are you now prepared to re-locate them?  Find them a new nest where the ants haven’t taken over the neighborhood?  What exactly is your plan?  Start a gofundme page to help support their relocation and study the invasive nature of the ants and determine what the birds are doing there in the first place?

2 thoughts on “The Ants Go Marching Two-by-Two…

  1. So when invasive ants attack invasive birds, Abbie protects the adorable feathered creatures. What does she have against insects struggling to adapt to their new habitat? Do only cute lives matter?

  2. Last I read, The Nihua Finch eats (among various life forms) small anthropods and insects. I believe the ant falls into those categories. So this should be “dinner is served!” for the Nihua bird family.

    Also, the Nihua Finch makes its nest in small openings in high-level rock outcroppings, LIKE THIS ONE! Since the official effort over the decades has been to help extend the growth and population of the species by transplanting them onto different islands, it seems that the proper procedure here is for Abbey to GET THE HELL OFF THE ROCK and let the birds take care of themselves. I reckon that Abbey is yet another arrogant do-gooder who thinks she knows more than Nature.

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