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Such Strong Language!!

It takes tremendous discipline to not let fly with really dark oaths- especially when you are all alone and it’s just you, the sky and some stinging ants that probably hurt like hell!  I know from my own garden- upset a hill and they will climb up  your leg and start doing their worst!!


And it would appear that the ants are venomous as Abbey’s hand in panel one is swelling with each bite!!  And what makes Abbey such an expert on what should and shouldn’t be on the island?  Did she study extensively on “native” flora and fauna prior to arriving?  And what makes something native vs. invasive??  Isn’t it all just a matter of perspective?  I mean, any person in the United States of European descent is by definition invasive, not to mention the “First peoples” who walked the land bridge out of Alaska to populate what is now the lower 48…  So chill out, Blondie- and just admit that you are in over your head and that gravity is about to win!

By the way… I love your comments!  Keep ’em coming!!

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