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Well, she appears none worse for the wear…

Abbey reminds us that her glasses are not just for show, which we learned in the last story she was featured.  We are also reminded that she doesn’t go anywhere without vials, empty or otherwise…


But thanks to Mainer7, for those of us, including me, not paying as close enough attention, for the answer to the ant-as-invasive species riddle…


Remember??  Well I hadn’t…  nice work!

ant wood

Which of course begs the question as to why Honey and Darling’s yacht had a cache of firewood on it…  Because they assumed they’d run into a deserted island and need fuel for a romantic sleep-over, or because the ship had a working, wood-burning fireplace?  Or why the entire boat wasn’t infested with ants…so many questions!

But I also recall that Darling got bit by something as he was toting the wood…


And I had assumed that he had been bit on the toe or something… but clearly I was wrong about that too…

Boy, it’s difficult to admit, but I am certainly not doing a very good job of keeping up with these story lines…  thanks again, Mainer7, for shining a light on this most complicated situation!

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