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UGH… And this continues to leave us wondering…

…whether the only plot device available to Mark Trail these days is putting human beings in peril…  Whatever happened to the eco-villains?  The poachers? The rapers of scenery?  Those who would enrich themselves in ways contrary to the Trailian world view??


Not sure whether I could form full sentences if I were hurtling down a rock face, but I guess this is better that a sustained “AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!”

So as Abbey lies on her back in repose, or in a Pilates stretch maneuver, we are led to believe that she is OK, otherwise she couldn’t be wise-cracking at this point…

4 thoughts on “UGH… And this continues to leave us wondering…

  1. ever since the flashback to honey and darling from the yacht two years ago, something clicked since the recent entries with abbey powell. darling brought wood from the yacht which was already infested with fire ants hence their infiltration onto the island.
    I predict abbey will now either find a grisly discovery or call mark about the fire ants and later with him find a grisly discovery. Its all a matter of one week or two months…..

  2. I can’t figure out why I bother to look at Mark Trail. It has to be the slowest moving, most boring strip ever created.

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