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You some kinda writer or something??

I can honestly say that I am not referring to James Allen when I ask that question…  And Mark, why are you so willing to give up your identity and your purpose?  To a kidnapping goon?  And Bald-headed Goon, what possible connection is there between a visit to an Indian Reservation and being a writer?  Dear Lord, this is making my head explode!


But let’s consider that this is not the first time that Mark has had to introduce himself… and he’s always happy to do so.  Because it’s always all about him, right?  Shocking that Baldo hasn’t heard of Mark… I mean, who hasn’t?  And I might be mistaken here, but I don’t think Blondie has uttered a single syllable…

3 thoughts on “You some kinda writer or something??

  1. Spot on, Dennis. This has to be one of the most bizarre dailies I’ve seen!
    1. Why would Baldy approach an apparent stranger in an airport (with a gun) and demand to know why he came to Rapid City? But who knows? Maybe carrying revolvers is common in Rapid City, so nobody makes a to-do about it.
    2. Why would Mark blather on about his full name and itinerary, as you pointed out? He talks like a grade school student.
    3. And why would Baldy think of writers when an Indian Reservation is mentioned, much less WHY he wanted to go there? I wouldn’t want to suggest Baldy is anti-Indian (he has enough bad traits as it is). Maybe the deceased Billy was from the Reservation and this has piqued Baldy’s suspicions.
    4. Finally, if this guy has a gun stuck in his waistband, why doesn’t Mark jump the guy and yell for the cops? After all, he is supposed to be a Man of Adventure, right? He’s sounding more like some old guy on a bridge waving a sign.

  2. Ok. I literally laughed out loud reading this strip. When is this going to start to make sense?
    In three, or five or ten weeks from now – whatever – is this whole bizarre situation going to be resolved by a tornado? That’s where my $ is at.

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