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So, uhhh… Who’s the guy in the suit?

As we continue to share pleasantries and CV’s, a large man in a suit appears in the foreground of panel two.  No idea what’s up with that…


Of course you’ve never heard of it, Baldy… clearly your life hasn’t been spent in leisure time activities, communing with Nature… I’d guess you were the product of either the foster system, or an abusive father, or both…  Probably didn’t get to go fishing as a youth, which is what set you on your life of crime.

3 thoughts on “So, uhhh… Who’s the guy in the suit?

  1. I see a Cain and Abel storyline looming here based upon the familial traits of baldness and square jaws. Is felonious Baldy about to encounter his successful and well-suited brother and to slay him out of jealousy?

  2. What a tough guy Mark is. Threatened with a gun and he chats about himself as if he was being interviewed by somebody from Field & Stream. Hmmmm, maybe, just maybe, Mark saw that other guy in the suit and recognized him as some Big Deal Publisher of another nature magazine, so decided to do a little self-promotion, all the while hoping to distract Baldy from whatever the hell he is doing. I swear, Baldy almost looks engaged in the discussion. Maybe we’ve crossed over to the planet Bizzaro World. That’s it! The guy in the suit must be Lex Luthor.

    I have to wonder what the hell Allen is smoking these days. I gotta get some of it.

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