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Pay no attention to the snakes behind the curtain!

So, we see that it really is time to switch back to Mark’s issues to give Cherry time to do her own regrouping. Otherwise, true to standard Mark Trail tradition, we have a sudden relocation of Mark from party to hacienda without fanfare, explanation, or follow up. I assume Mark continued to walk out of the party after being insulted left and right. Somehow, he found Reptile Man, who had more or less vanished at the party, his job in furthering the story line done for the time being.

But he’s back now, coaching Mark to take it easy. Take the night off, you say!? From what, I ask? Is he expected to clean out the snake terrariums? Even Santa’s secret twin brother suggests some sleepy-time tea for Mark that he happens to just have standing ready. Does everybody in that house follow farmhouse rules and go to bed when the sun goes down? I’m waiting to hear the door lock click. Aren’t you?

Mark certainly does look beat in panel three, unless it is the tea. And it looks like he is once again bunking with the snakes. Still, Mark should be suspicious, especially when the narrator prompts you! With the Sun still up at 7:30, this places the story in late May, based on the tables in the Sunrise-Sunset.org web site. Just in case you wanted to know.

But maybe Mark is also tired because he’s been wearing that long-sleeved, presumably cotton, plaid shirt all of the time. In late April, temperatures get into the high 90s and only get warmer in May. I’m surprised he is isn’t pleading for a cold shower, or a dip in the pool. Hey, this is California. Everybody has a pool, right!?

No, I have not overlooked the close-up of the roadrunner (Acceleratii incredibus), looking like some 1950s horror flick, where the “monster” roadrunner is ready to pick up the poor victim in the doorway and feed it to its children back at the nest. Still, I am keeping watch for the coyote, as well!


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