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Please have your green ticket ready, ladies and gentlemen

The pity party for the eco-wannabes continues. I mean, how seriously can we take a group of naïve Millennials sitting around a fire pit, tea cups in hand, as if they are discussing YouTube videos at a local coffee shop? (I’m guessing they are not Gen Z’ers, as they are not texting each other.) They certainly think very highly of their dubiously innovative “Air for All” app, which apparently does the same thing that existing air-measuring equipment and software has already been doing for decades. Still, idealism lives on, I suppose. I mean, once we all have the “Air for All” app, then what?

So their recovery strategy—if one can call it that—is based around the off-chance of Reptilionnaire getting invited to another one of Cricket Bro’s parties, so he can presumably steal the targeted laptop. That’s real solid thinking. Meanwhile, Mark Trail continues to eavesdrop, while standing in the shadows (certainly Jules could have done a better job here), inside the most poorly sound-proofed hacienda in California, finding a purpose for his “green ticket.”

Not having heard that term (presumably because I’m a Boomer), I researched it and found a variety of uses for “green ticket”, mostly based around environmental issues. Well, except for the “green ticket roundup” travesty of the Nazi-enforced French corralling of foreign Jews living in France in 1941. I think we can dismiss that event from this particular situation.

And so the story plods along.

But it’s high time for Mark to finally come out of the shadows and take charge, the way he was brought up! This is your cue, Mark. Time to quit being a shlump!


One thought on “Please have your green ticket ready, ladies and gentlemen

  1. In the northlands, we have double doors, each with seals. In Southern California, they have single, usually with cracks. I got no problem with Mark hearing all this.

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