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One hand for the coffee, one hand for the Lunar Pie, and one hand for the steering wheel?

Moon pies are an old southern snack that are sold in nostalgia bins, where you can find old-fashioned pop made with cane sugar. I have to confess that I did eat them now and then while growing up in Virginia, and I have consumed a few since discovering them by the drill bits in a neighborhood hardware store. But they can be kind of dry. Let’s hope that the Lunar Pie Jeanette sells at the “Planet Pancake” has solved that problem. Now, do we need to talk about the “My Favorite Martian” antennae that Jeanette is forced to wear? Is this an everyday thing or just a sales gimmick?

Meanwhile, Rivera continues to indulge in this sidebar scene, while we are left wondering (the suspense builds) what is going on. This is problematic, as it is the second instance where Cherry is totally out of the loop involving a major intrusion in one of her projects, assuming the Roundabout Plant Project is not part of her Sunny Soleil installation.

And I can understand reader concerns about the drawing here and there, as we see Cherry’s image, especially her head, take on weird shapes in panels 2 and 3.  However, I do like Rivera’s depiction of rolled and stacked napkin-and-utensils in panel 1!

Perhaps Jules is still figuring out what can and cannot easily be done within the size limitations of a daily comic strip. Or maybe changes in Cherry’s depictions are meant to be partially expressive, rather than strictly representational. For example, in panel 3, Cherry’s head looks like it has some kind of ratchet-jaw, as she jaws on about her project. When interrupted with bad news, her face in panel 4 takes on the shocked expression of an innocent teenager. No? Okay, maybe I’m stretching a bit (like Cherry’s marching up to the diner in yesterday’s strip). But I don’t think it is recklessness or lack of skill.

In any event (getting back to the story), what did they do and who are they, anyway?


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