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Threads Coming Together!

Hah! So, these two incidents are, indeed, linked! Cherry’s good deed rose garden has been sabotaged by the evil machinations of Violet Cheshire, the public half of the suspicious Sunny Soleil Society. And let’s give credit to Rivera for having Cherry throw out a really good descriptive insult of Violet, to boot. Wish I had thought of it! Good ol’ Cherry is also keeping it clean for the family readers, too. Impressive!

But how did Violet learn of Cherry’s volunteer project, much less what it was composed of? Is this “roundabout” (referring to the garden’s location) garden next door to Palm Tree house? Did Jeannette, the “Laura Dern” waitress, somehow leak info to Violet? The more we learn about this Cheshire person, the more I’m going to cut Cherry slack in how she resolves her issues.

Cherry’s story continues to move along but has just two more days to arrive at a meaningful break point, unless Rivera allows for a second week of Cherry’s Revenge Salad: Retribution Never Tasted So Good. Well, I’m fine sticking with Cherry a second week.

Of course, with conspiracies in the air these days, I wonder if the Sunny Soleil Society is somehow linked up with our good friend and villain, Cricket Bro? A bit too much to expect, I fear, even for a comic strip.


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