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“Pay no attention to the cracks in the story…!”

Now, just hold on a minute! There are some odd things going on:

First off, why should the offices be difficult to navigate, by which I suppose Mark means “to locate”? The flashback images of the developer’s area yesterday suggested an open, free-form space, not a bunch of securely locked-down offices.

Next, why should it take 30 minutes to get through the hallways? These people worked there, right? So, they should know how to get around by now!

Next, hasn’t it already been established that the laptop is a company laptop, so that it actually belongs to Cricket Bro? Thus, why is Mark concerned about “getting it back”? Didn’t anybody think to bring a thumb drive?!

Next, I’m curious to see how Rep and his gang are going to sneak into the office complex, since all of the developers were canned and presumably had their clearances revoked.

Next, we have a bunch of people, in close proximity, wearing the same clothes they have apparently been wearing for the past several days. In a desert community! I just hope washing machines are in use “behind the scenes” here, in the same way “answering the Call of nature” is often skipped over in stories and TV. Hoo boy!

To be fair, this is a comic strip, not a Tom Clancy 800-page thriller. We cannot expect a comic strip to justify every situation and plot device, right? Even movies don’t do that. Otherwise, the story would never finish and we’d all be pissed at how long it’s taking to move along. But we’ve been through that before, and we didn’t care for it, as I recall.

On a completely different course, the artwork looks pretty good today. Compositions are simple, but effectively balanced. The limited color palette also works well, especially how it suggests the car’s interior.


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