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Just another time-killing moment. Brought to you by….

Hah!Hah!Hah! So, Rivera tried to be clever yesterday by suggesting this had to do with Mark’s childhood fears of Rob Bettancourt, when it turns out it was the commercials he did.  And in this Twilight Zone Reality, young Mark looks kind of like…pre-Rivera Rusty! Talk about Alternate History, call my shrink, quick! But maybe Mark needs the shrink. He certainly has his share of flashbacks.

Hmmm: Monk Trail. Monk Trail. Monk Trail! I can’t help thinking of a monkey with Asperger’s going around solving crimes, but dressed like Mark.

Why does he wear Mark’s shirt? Is this the childhood bullying come back to haunt Mark, or just Dad’s well-meaning joke?  We’ve already heard about his potato salad. Or is this a reflection of another Internet meme? I don’t hang out on Instagram, Twitter, or social networking (in general), so I’ve got no ideas. Anybody know?


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