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So, Rusty, how’s Reptilionnaire these days?

In spite of kind of getting back on track with the Rusty story, today is another throwaway joke strip.

Is that a face shield?
No, doofus, it’s a jock strap. Put it on so I can test it!

Okay, so I was wrong this past Tuesday. Aunt Peach is not the Cryptid fan. But where did Aunt Olive get a backpack from? And a big face mask? Maybe it’s standard cryptid hunting gear.

Auntie Olive informs us that the Seaside Specter is the spawn of Medusa, where one look will turn the viewer into…uh, well something not nice. Hey, maybe the mask will let Rusty see into the 4th Dimension! Or scan the infrared band. Maybe it’s really a recycled 3D helmet from years ago when people thought 3D-TV was going to be The Next Big Thing.


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