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Here is the Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

Did you miss the dailies this past week? Well, we can’t all be lucky. This was our second week at the Happy and Jolly cookout in which a series of disconnected vignettes continued to appear:

  • We saw Rusty talk cryptid tactics with Aunt Olive.
  • There was just one mention of the Portland vacation.
  • We witnessed Mark reduced to self-inflicted agonies when he discovered that his hated boyhood job of shilling for his dad in TV commercials taken over by a monkey dressed as “Markey”.
  • Happy and Jolly are now also on the NFT bandwagon.
  • Reptilionnaire, having appeared once the week before, has utterly vanished.

Other than my posting a few queries about Rivera’s evolving aesthetics, I think that about summarizes the past week. Let’s hope for a brighter future while we explore the Sunday nature chat:

It’s always about you, isn’t it Mark? I’m surprised that the owls in the title panel weren’t saying “WHOO?” But you have to take front-and-center, even in the Sunday nature panels.

Okay, we have a summary report of another owl. Of course, having gotten interested, I did a small bit of “research” (i.e. Wikipedia) and discovered that when the barred owl is not chasing out the spotted owl, they sometimes cohabit and create a hybrid type called a “sparred owl.”

Hmm, looks like Rivera covered the barred owl back in February 2021 and the burrowing owl in May 2021. Clearly, Rivera has a fixation on these nocturnal birds. Perhaps, dare I say it, Rivera is a night owl?


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