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A Dick Tracy cross-over?

Somehow, Pruneface must have escaped Dick Tracy’s clutches and elected to hide out in Florida, disguised as Happy Trail. I thought Rivera would follow the time-honored Trail Tradition of skipping over details and move us directly into the next phase of the story. Instead, the lecture on NFTs continues.

Of course, time in comic strips is infinitely elastic. And it’s possible that all of the cookout activity, including the Trail’s drive down, took place in a single day, even though it consumed 3 weeks of comic strips. In any event, it is nice to see that Rivera is once again using “Batman”-style sound effects.

Admittedly, I’m wondering what all this is leading up to; or what it has to do with the vacation/story. I suppose it was important for Rusty to get that special cryptid-hunting mask from Aunt Olive. But did we need three weeks to do that?


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