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Let the Real Story begin!

Well, OKAY! Not a moment too soon.  Let’s hope that Rusty’s story has more excitement and suspense going for it than what’s going on inside the house with “the adults.” Not a high bar to get over. At this point, I think we all would rather be on the hunt with Rusty. Anything to stay out of that house!

Furthermore, let’s hope that when Rusty’s adventure ends, “the adults” will have finished their boring business and the Trails can then fly home.


2 thoughts on “Let the Real Story begin!

  1. Haven’t we see this “search for a non-existent creature” storyline before? It was just as lame when Harvey Camel did it. Perhaps Mark will leave Rusty for dead and return to Lost Forest for flapjacks? Or is it pancakes now that Jules has taken over…

    • Hello, Daniel! Thanks, the point about the similar plot device is well taken. However, I see a positive difference:

      1. Harvey was an adult obsessed with the Yeti to the point of self-destruction.
      2. Rusty is still a kid, so fascination with imaginary entities is more understandable.

      Because of this, I’m hoping that this storyline will be more entertaining rather than pathetic. Sort of like The Hardy Boys being detectives.

      Oh, I think our family called them “hotcakes” when I was growing up! But my wife insists on “pancakes.”

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