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Parents ruin everything!

As frequent reader Daniel P. acutely pointed out, Rusty’s adventure plot seems to roughly parallel that of Mark’s adventure with Dr. Camel’s search for The Yeti (see our September 2019-February 2020 archives). That is, both involve a search for a fictitious but believed creature. Reviewing the Yeti story reminded me of the talking heads clipart style that Allen favored. To give it its due, Mark’s adventure had plenty of action, frequent Mark outbursts, and a woman who could not make up her mind about him. On the other hand, the expedition seemed pointless and settled nothing.

Rebooting story ideas is hardly new in the history of Mark Trail adventures. What is important here is whether Rivera can carry it off. Because the protagonist is a minor and not a deluded adult, I think this story has a more plausible foundation. But that won’t be enough if the story does not contain enough action, suspense, and a decent resolution.

But Rivera immediately throws a monkey-wrench (momma-wrench?) into the adventure, just as it begins. I suppose we could see Cherry’s presence as a plot twist, in which she either gets involved or Rusty finds a way around her. Tune in tomorrow!


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