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Mark forces a confession

Out of all the issues on the table, Mark fixates on Rex’s feelings towards Tess. Well, that falls in line with Diana’s agenda. But so what? His paymaster is expecting a research article on the zoo, itself, and whether it is legit. Never mind that Rex’s feelings may be somewhat distorted by a childhood fantasy. But Mark puts the Third Degree on Rex, who caves in. What is Rivera’s goal in this story?

This story deviated right away from a strict uncover corruption plot that would have been normal in a Mark Trail story. Instead, the investigative angle has been secondary to a focus on interpersonal issues, something that falls outside Mark’s regular skill set. So, is this really a rescue mission? Does Mark’s eventual article get turned into a “How I saved Rex Scorpius from the clutches of a cult leader“? I have yet to see any evidence of a cult.


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