Home » Rash Decisions » Cherry deflects a collision…of knuckles!

Cherry deflects a collision…of knuckles!

Who would have thought Caroline would give a tinker’s cuss about pets? Still, a new friend is worth losing a client, right? Frankly, with all of Cherry’s interference in the past, it’s darned surprising she is still a contractor for the Sunny Soleil Society.

Honest Ernest must have a hell of a customer base, from the quantity of lawn chemicals in his van. The lawns around Lost Forest might constitute one of the largest collections of hazardous waste sites in the country.

So, is there any more to this particular adventure, other than expected blowback from Violet and Ernie? Well, it is interesting to note, other than what I’ve previously written, that a dog is featured in both Cherry’s story and Mark’s. But in Mark’s adventure, dogs are really props to motivate a relationship. Here, the dogs are the direct object of the story, so to speak.

At least I’m glad to see Rivera once again drawing scenery, rather than just putting talking heads against a flat, undefined backdrop.

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