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A Tuesday Twofer

The syndicate’s servers crashed yesterday, as many (figuratively speaking) of you know, so time to catch up. And we’re back to the Mark Trail Whining Zoo adventure. Seems Emma the Elephant really did have a hard-on for Tess and somehow was able to zero in on her location, even crossing through four presumably unknown States. That’s pretty incredible orienteering.

So what is Tess busy with? Looks like the elephant is actually prancing away from the humans.  This would have made quite the illustrated report, had Mark remembered to bring a video camera and leave it on. But Mark has a habit of rarely taking photos on assignment, as far as I’ve been able to determine. Doesn’t seem like Rex is concerned about the business operation as much as the one-way relationship. Perhaps Rivera is winding this story down, as well, though there are more threads to account for.

On a side note, there is a new time-travel adventure strip from KFS: Mara Llave: Keeper Of Time. If you like classic illustration-style drawing (and who doesn’t?) and don’t mind a bit of sci-fi, check out this strip on Comics Kingdom. Perhaps the adventure strip format is not yet completely dead!


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