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Don’t forget the audio-video equipment!

As I wrote earlier, Diana Daggers has been getting shafted more and more in these stories. From a once-potentially deadly ass-kicker with a sharp tongue, she is now reduced to a compliant and innocuous chauffeur with little to do.

So, Diana—in her new, exciting chauffeur role—suddenly appears at the usual opportune time. At least she is not wearing livery. In the background, Gemma must have already dealt with Tess, since there are scavenger birds circling overhead. She is probably plodding back to her home. And nobody cares.

But why does Mark want to bring along two growing tigers, presumably still in a cage? They take up a lot of space, and Diana isn’t driving a Ford Explorer, you know. And what about all of those cubs, Mark? Are you leaving them behind for the coyotes? Maybe we’ll learn the answers to these, and other, questions next week.


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